When people think of American baked products, they usually think of doughnuts. American style products, however, can include a whole range of cakes and sponges.

Zeelandia (Billericay, Essex) has developed two emulsifier mixes that can be used to make American style muffins and sponges, as well as products such as Swiss Rolls and Genoese cakes.

Quicklift is an all vegetable blend of emulsifiers in a paste format, available in 5kg pails. Developed for use with ‘all in methods’, Quicklift is specially formulated for heat-treated cake flours, and compensates for variations caused by non-chlorinated flour. It offers enhanced tolerance to different mixing conditions and all types of mixers, and the paste format is conducive to faster blending.

Quickmix offers the same benefits, in a powder format, available in a 10kg bags. Mixed with up to 70% water, Quicklift and Quickmix both enhance shelf life of the finished product.