Three Fuji Alpha 6

flow-wrappers equipped to create press-to-close reclosable zipper packs have recently been installed in bakeries - two of the machines are being used by a manufacturer of speciality bread products while the third is handling a premium sliced loaf, supported in a tray.

What’s so good about that?

The reseal machine creates closures for packaging, which can be opened at the top of the pack. Specialist and premium bakery products tend to be consumed over a period of time and so reclosable packaging helps support much higher consumer confidence in the freshness of the product.

Isn’t a zipper bolt-on just going to cause more hassle?

Not really - you don’t have to wheel anything in or out because the zipper unit sits over the wrapper infeed and can be quickly switched on or off to run standard or zipper packs within minutes. So it doesn’t affect the footprint of the wrapper itself.

Where can I get it?

Paramount Packaging Systems is the distributor of Fuji Packaging Machinery in the UK and Ireland.