Bronya Smolen admires the strengths of each Great British Bake Off finalists, but says Nancy deserved the title.

Ten weeks, 27 challenges, and one winner. The #GBBO took over twitter feeds Wednesday night, as a tense and challenging final played out on BBC One. It is probably not news to you that Nancy Birtwhistle from Hull was crowned winner of this year’s Great British Bake Off (GBBO) final, and while she was not the bookies’ favourite, she was a more than deserved winner.

This series of GBBO has seen some genuinely talented bakers. It has also probably had you guys, the professional bakers, sat on the end of your seats shouting words of wisdom and industry knowledge at the TV screen, as you watched contestants microwave dough and cream butter for Viennoiserie.

In my eyes each of the finalists had a key strength. Richard had the skill of precision. His experience in taming bricks and mortar helped him tame the liveliest yeast into a perfect result. Luis’ imagination set him apart in the competition. As a graphic designer, his arty brain meant he came up with some stunning designs and flavours. Nancy was the consistent baker. Her knowledge and experience made her a sturdy bet to pull out a good bake.

Combine the three and you have a pretty phenomenal baker! The question is; what now for the Bake Off contestants? Nancy says, “I want to share the skills I have and teach people. I am enthusiastic about baking and I would like to spread that around. 

“Baking is not difficult, but it can go wrong quickly and it’s not easier and cheaper to go and buy something readymade. You only need a small repertoire of recipes to get yourself going.”

Could a bakery school be the winner’s next move?

If there is one thing for sure, the contestants will have taken away a wealth of knowledge about bakery and performing under pressure. How the experience compares to being in a real bakery is questionable, as most of you don’t have Mary and Paul breathing down your neck. But you all want to achieve and push yourselves! 

It has been fun, and I, for one, will certainly miss the dramas! I just might not miss the constant craving for cake on a Wednesday night. GBBO, once again you have kept the nation entertained and reinforced our love of baked goods!