99p Stores has introduced a brand new coffee and bakery concept, which opened this week in Northampton. 

The bakery will sell a range of baguettes and pastries, and will offer a coffee and pastry deal for £1.59.

The concept opened in the company’s 250th store which also opened this week.

Products in the bakery will come from Ayzta foods, and the coffee will be vended from a standalone machine.

The business is working on refitting around 60 stores across the UK, of which some will include the bakery concept, depending on location.

Tony Brown, chief operating officer commented, “The single price point market has become main stream and therefore we are developing concepts that meet that mainstream customer such as coffee and fresh bakery. We will also keep innovating from a product point of view to meet expectations of our customers.

“Our customers have broadened their expectations and demand quality, freshness and choice. We are the only single price point retailer to bring these benefits to our stores.”

Mariam French, Head of Marketing UK at Aryzta Food Solutions, confirmed that the company had supported 99p Stores with the launch of its in-store bakery offering, prior to handing over responsibility to 99p Stores’ personnel.

She said: “The move by 99p Stores to include an in-store bakery highlights the growing consumer demand for freshly-baked goods in the retail environment.” 

 99p Stores claims they are opening up a new store across Britain each week.