German discounter Aldi has been named the cheapest supermarket for bakery items as the price of a weekly shop rose 0.55% in the last month to £88.59. 

mySupermarket’s Groceries Tracker found that, of the 35 items bought in the research, the staple items that had increased the most were carrots (+4.55%), fresh peppers (4.57%) and broccoli (16.53%).

Items that decreased in price were grapes (-3.61%), crisps (-2.71%), potatoes (-2.62%) and squash drinks (-2.3%). This meant the average grocery basket was still markedly down (-6.4%) on February 2014 when it was £6.05 more expensive.

As part of mySupermarket’s Own Brand Watch, Aldi was found to be “best-priced” for bakery items, dairy and egg products, fruits, vegetables, tins and jars, as well as drawing in affordability with Morrisons for fish and poultry. Asda offered the cheapest snacks and sweets. Ocado and Waitrose were best to use for packets and cereals, while Morrisons was also the place to visit for drinks, frozen products and pet products.

Gilad Simhony, chief executive of mySupermarket, said: “Although we have seen a rise in the cost of the weekly shop in the last month, shoppers are still seeing a saving of over £6 compared to 12 months ago. Even with the increase in certain products over the last month, longer term, we see a welcome trend of lower food prices due to the continued supermarket price war.

“Looking at the Own Brand Watch we can see that no one supermarket can claim to be the cheapest overall, meaning that shoppers must compare prices before they head to the supermarket.”