Aldi remains the cheapest supermarket for bakery items while the cost of a weekly grocery shop has fallen £1 overall in the last month. 

The mySupermarket’s Groceries Tracker found that the cost of 35 staple items has fallen just over £1 or 1% from £87.70 in April to £86.69 in May. This puts the cost of a basket 8% lower than a year ago when the same items would have totalled £93.87.

The decrease was driven by a 4% fall in fresh chicken, a 6% drop in onions and a 29% drop in broccoli. However, the price of yoghurts rose by 4% and tomatoes by 3%. White bread, the only bakery item in the list of 35, saw a price drop of 1% in the period.

Gilad Simhony, chief executive of mySupermarket, said: “This is great news for shoppers as the savings they are making on their supermarket shop can really add up over a year. With the weekly grocery shop falling a massive 8% in the last 12 months, shoppers are saving almost £400 over the course of a year.”

No one supermarket is cheapest and prices fluctuate regularly.