Bakery chain Chatwins, will roll out a new point-of-sale solution to improve stock management and customer experience.

The bakery will use hardware from Digipos – Omnico Group’s retail hardware business – and software from C2Epos to reach its goals.

The technology will allow the bakery to predict sales to minimise wastage, and will be deployed to over 25 bakeries in the next six months. The system is already in use at Chatwins bakery in Nantwich.

The company’s aim is to use the technology to reduce the cost of raw materials over the next 12 months by using bakery-specific features of the C2Epos point-of-sale software linked to its existing production management system. The system will take into account detailed centralised web-based sales analysis and shop ordering, wastage entry, delivery and stock information, all entered at the till point.

Edward Chatwin, chairman and managing director of Chatwins Bakery, said: “My family has been producing and selling baked products for over 100 years and I’m passionate about maintaining my family’s success by future-proofing the business. By combining Digipos hardware with C2Epos software, we have been able to update our payment system, which will ultimately help us provide a better service to our loyal customers.”

Jeremy Westcott, partner of C2Epos, added: “Choosing the correct hardware is critical to an EPoS system. Ensuring optimal performance and reliability are key to the overall solution for which the Digipos hardware delivers on all points. Digipos has shown consistent commitment to the project and we look forward to working with them on future projects, especially in the retail bakery sector.”

Justin Foster, channel sales manager of Digipos, commented: “Two things are important from a bakery’s perspective: a good quality, consistent product and great customer service. Technology plays its part here by making sure that stock and inventory are handled efficiently, as well as improving the speed and accuracy at checkout to enhance the level of customer service. Together with C2Epos we’re helping to make this happen at Chatwins Bakery and we’re delighted to be a part of this change as the company paves the way for the next 100 years of illustrious history.”

C2Epos is an electronic solution provider used in the hospitality, retail and hotel industries.