Number two on the BIA 12 days of Christmas is the Just: Gluten Free Bakery, winner of this year’s Free-from Bakery Product of the Year, which says 2015 will be about improving allergen-free treats.

Ronnie Stebbings, managing director of the gluten-free bakery, told British Baker of his excitement about new innovative products, which all fit in with the new allergen labelling rules that have come into place today.

“Year 2014 has been really amazing for Just: Gluten Free Bakery. We celebrated our first birthday as first-ever winners of the Baking Industry Award for ‘Free-from Product of the Year’. It was a fantastic achievement, which set the bar for 2015 even higher.

“With the introduction of the new allergen information rules this month, all food outlets must clearly display information on allergens they use. This will help raise general awareness of allergen control within foods.

“At Just: we are very fortunate, because our products are manufactured in an allergen-free production facility and are free from the 14 major allergens, so our labels will need no changes.

“In 2014 we created new, innovative and versatile products, which satisfy a wide range of consumers. Whether it is foodservice, healthcare, education or travel sectors, they all cater daily for a large number of individuals who need to avoid one or more of the food allergens in their diet. 

“In 2015… we will continue to work on our existing products – to make them healthier and tastier – but still allergen-free and vegan. We will work on new products – bakery treats that a year ago we thought were impossible to make without any of the major allergens. We will continue our search for and trial new ingredients – to benefit nutritional values of our products and make them even yummier.

“Could we get a BIA in 2015 too? Hmmm… we will definitely try!”