Another gem in our Christmas installations - artisan bakery Paul - has told us all about the business’ plans to open three shops outside the capital, and increase the number of shops which run its Bread Masterclasses.

The business said: “While the market will remain very competitive in 2015, at Paul we will continue to focus on our passion for delivering high-quality products and a friendly, knowledgeable and professional service.

“We will start the year celebrating with all our customers the day of Epiphany on 6 January with our own version of the Galette des Rois, a hugely popular French tradition, which is also growing year by year in the UK.

Expansion plans

“2015 will definitely be an encouraging and exciting year for Paul as we will continue to grow as part of our brand expansion plan by opening more shops in and outside London. Our aim is to be able to reach a wider audience and transmit our family heritage of more than 125 years of French baking tradition. This expansion plan has already started with the opening of our first shop outside London on 8 December in Oxford.

“Other important highlights for 2015 will be the increase in the number of shops hosting our popular Bread Masterclass. Currently located in our Paul Bankside shop, there will be more opportunities for our customers to discover the Paul baking techniques that lead us to our signature bread.

“On a final note, we will keep working on developing new, exciting products to enlarge our range selection in order to suit our customers’ preferences and needs. A new range of celebration cakes is in the pipeline, as well as a limited-edition éclairs to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day.”