Boxpark has announced plans to expand nationwide with a further 10 sites over the next five years, with bakery businesses already featured on existing sites.

The expansion will see the launch of two new concepts from the developer, BoxOffice and BoxHall. The former will be a co-working space incorporated into new Boxpark sites, while the latter will be a smaller-scale food hall concept, featuring between six and 12 vendors.

The Boxpark and BoxOffice schemes will feature Boxpark street food and bars set up on the ground floor, leisure operators such as virtual reality, cinemas, crazy golf and karaoke on the first floor and between two and four floors of co-working space above.

The developer said it would be targeting London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Brighton and others.

Existing Boxpark developments have already attracted bakery businesses such as Dum-Dums Donutterie, which has premises at both the Shoreditch and Croydon sites. British Baker subscribers can read more about doughnut manufacturer Longboys in our recent on-site feature ‘Playing the long game’, in which we visited the premises at Boxpark Wembley.

“I’m really excited to announce our plans for our brand new BoxOffice and BoxHall concepts,” said Roger Wade, Boxpark founder and CEO.

“Boxpark has always been an innovator in the retail and leisure sector and these brand-new formats demonstrate our investment in continuing to evolve both the brand and the sites we build and operate. These two major new innovations will help us secure a further 10 sites across the UK over the next five years.”