The Craft Bakers Association’s (CBA’s) Mike Holling has spoken out on radio about the positive effect The Great British Bake Off (GBBO) has on bakery sales.

Holling, executive director of the CBA and retail director at Birds of Derby bakery spoke on BBC Radio Derby last week about the increase in sales of product after they are baked on the show.

Holling said to Andy Potter on his afternoon radio show: “We are always interested in what happens on Bake Off as it is quite interesting to see what products will come on the show. Last year they did Florentines, which we have been baking for years, but as soon as that programme went up, our Florentine sales doubled overnight and have consistently been at about 40% more.”

Holling continued to explain that the programme was great for allowing bakers to put something different back into their ranges after the show causes a soar in demand. He said: “The Great British Bake Off has a great influence on our industry at the moment. People are making great business out of Bake Off.”

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