New research reveals that 10% of primary school children do not know where bread comes from.

Conducted for Craft Bakers’ Week, the survey found that 3% of children thought that bread grew underground and a further 2% thought it was made by cows on a farm.

It also found that, while there was a strong interest in baking, with 31% enjoying watching The Great British Bake Off, only 2% of children aspired to become bakers in contrast to 18% of boys wanting to be footballers and 17% of girls wanting to become vets.


Further discoveries included the fact that 17% of girls still thought eating crusts would make their hair curly, 6% thought white bread was healthier because it was cleaner and 9% thought that bakers made individual slices of bread and put them in a bag to make a loaf.

Hannah Marriage, chair of this year’s Craft Bakers’ Week, said: “Bakeries have been a feature on our high street for generations and we want to make sure that children and their parents appreciate the skill, hard work and care that goes into the bread, cakes and regional specialities made by their local craft bakery.”