Bakery and chocolatier Cocomaya has told British Baker of its plans to develop on-trend products, but said it will also experiment with healthier alternatives.

The baker has been looking to reduce the fat and sugar content of new pastries and hybrid bakery items.

A spokesperson said the business had been using different varieties of sugars and gluten-free flour to appeal to the health-conscious consumer. They also said it had looked at methods of baking which avoided frying.

The bakery has also been approached by brands in other sectors, such as alcohol, for development advice on reducing sugar in cocktails.

The spokesperson added: “We are finding more people are looking at what they should be serving up to their children and themselves that is healthy, and that’s something we want to draw on with our new products.”

The bakery has successfully launched its own version of the Cronut, and keeps up to date with baking crazes.

Its best-seller is still a range of croissants, which it will seek to expand as the consumer need for them increases.