A family-run Cornish bakery celebrated its 50th anniversary at the flagship Padstow store last week. 

The Buttermilk Confectionery Co, which has produced fudge since 1964, invited customers and suppliers to an event at the site to celebrate the 50-year landmark.

The business is run by second-generation owners, David and Tracy Goad, who took over the shop in 2010 from David’s father.

Tracy Goad, director, said: “The business has grown so much over 50 years, but the core of what we do has always remained and that’s making quality fudge in open copper pans. We’ll never move away from that, but we have professionalised the business without losing the essence of being artisanal and small.”

The celebration comes after the business acquired a new factory, which will double production space for the company. It will also increase output from six to 10 tonnes per week.

David Goad, director, said: “We’re passionate about what we do and it’s important for us to grow while maintaining our heritage and our connection to local suppliers. Our new premises are just eight miles from where we are now, so it means we can continue to do this. In fact, we’ll be even closer to some of our suppliers, which is great for reducing our food miles.”

The fudge company aims to use locally-sourced ingredients, and produces over 70 different fudge flavours.