Aldi and Lidl once again showed up the Big Four in the most valuable global retail brands chart. 

The former leapfrogged Tesco to land in eighth place in the annual top 20 retail brands worldwide in BrandZ’s ranking compiled by WPP and Millward Brown. It boasted a 22% rise in brand value to £7.6bn ($11.7bn).

Fellow discounter Lidl an even larger increase in value of 27% to £3.9bn ($6bn) and finished at number 20 in the same ranking. It also finished as the only supermarket in the list of top 20 risers.

Meanwhile, Tesco - the only UK supermarket to score a global ranking - suffered a brand value plummet of -37% to £6.1bn ($9.4bn) in the index.

Other bakery brands to do well include Starbucks, which came in at number 29 in the top 100 ranking, two higher than last year, with a value of £19.1bn ($29.3bn) reflecting growth of 14%. Subway stormed in three places up than 2014 at 40 with a brand value 7% up of £14.7bn $(22.6bn) and Aldi - the only UK-serving supermarket to feature - breezed in a cool 10 ranks higher than last year at 90.

The research was based on interviews with more than three million consumers globally as well as an analysis of the financial and business performance of each country.