The world’s first ‘smart’ bakery has opened in Dublin, equipped with its own phone app, Bitcoin payment methods and Segway-style boards for the bakers to travel on.

Krüst Bakery opened officially yesterday (30 April), and offers customers the chance to pre-order sandwiches, coffee and other baked goods on a phone application.

The technology-filled site also uses smart switches and plugs, and Google’s Nest Smart Thermostat in a bid to reduce its electricity bill by 30% a year and be greener.

Co-founder of the business, Rob Kramer, said he has dreams of opening 10,000 of his ’smart bakery’ concept shops, and will be looking to expand into the UK and USA next.

He said: “I love tech, it’s great for the customer experience and it means we are actually greener. I can turn on the ovens remotely, and there is a smart-monitor which controls energy output.”

Kramer said the business had invested around £2.5k in the smart bakery, which is situated in a site of 280sq m.

He continued: “This is the future, there’s no waiting around, a lot of our customers are students or busy workers so they can pre-order what they need and watch on the app to see when it is nearly ready. Then they get a notification when it is done.”

The shop bakes-off products in the shop, and makes sandwiches fresh to order. It also sells cronuts and other baked goods.

While the bakery currently offers Bitcoin, a digital currency method of payment, Kramer said he would soon be looking to introduce a fingerprint payment system. 

The bakery has opened the flagship store on George’s Street, in Dublin city centre and was co-founded by duo Robert Kramer and Garret Flower. 

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