Ingredients firm Edme has been baking batches of malt loaves to raise money for a local charity.

The Essex-based company is selling the loaves at a Winter Wonderland event in Mistley in aid of the Acorn Village charity, which supports people with learning disabilities.

Richard Ball, Edme’s technical baker, has been preparing batches of malt loaves at the company’s test bakery in Mistley this week.

Managing director Peter Tichbon said: “Acorn Village helps people with learning disabilities to live lives that are as independent and fulfilled as possible. It’s a remarkable organisation with a fantastic ethos and brilliant staff and volunteers – and we’re delighted to be supporting them.

“Richard’s malt loaves have reached legendary status in the local community. He is inundated with requests for them by people who have tried them at events we’ve run. Since we sell ingredients rather than finished product, the opportunity for getting hold of his loaves are few and far between.

“Not being available on the high street increases their desirability – and hopefully their fundraising potential.”

Kate Williams, marketing manager at Acorn Village, says, “Huge thanks to Edme for their generosity, and for inviting us along to the test bakery to see Richard at work. Support from business is crucial to organisations like ours, and enables us to provide different and exciting life experiences for our residents.”