The Federation of Bakers (FOB) and the Flour Advisory Bureau have launched a #betterwithbread campaign with Instagram star Deliciously Stella.

The organisations have launched a series of humorous Instagram videos, showing what life would be like if we didn’t eat bread, as part of a new campaign to celebrate its health benefits.

Starring clean-eating satirist Deliciously Stella (a character created by comedian Bella Younger) the videos show “the ridiculous reality of cutting bread out from our everyday meals if people choose to succumb to a carb-free life”.

The spoof videos are the latest campaign from the nation’s bakers, created to celebrate bread as a national treasure “and challenge the clean-eating trend that has wrongly demonised it”.

It comes off the back of new research by Opinium online research, carried out this month, that reveals two-fifths of young women cut out bread to maintain a healthy weight (41%), with nearly half (47%) believing it’s an unhealthy source of carbohydrate and only a fifth (22%) aware that it is a low-salt and low-sugar food.

Bella Younger said: “It has become my life’s work to ridicule how the ‘clean-eating’ trend has gone too far. It’s madness to think sliced bread has become the enemy, but people will happily eat more artisan breads, like sourdough, as they have a perception it’s healthier.

“All bread, no matter where it’s sold, is created equal, made using the same primary ingredients – water, yeast, flour. There are just so many meals that aren’t the same without it, plus it’s a great source of energy and, at only 80 calories a slice, it’s a low-fat option. It’s time to get real and make bread the hero again.”