New website Nurtured Foods aims to provide an easy-to-use marketplace for small, artisan food producers and sellers across the UK.

The website was launched two weeks ago by Libby Stratton, who is based in Takeley, Essex, and is “a little bit obsessed with local food”.

The site aims to give micro-businesses an easy route-to-market, which allows them to focus on making their products. The company claims sellers can open a store on the site in 10 minutes.

Around 70 food producers have signed up so far, including bakeries Special Touch Cakes, based in Islington, and Hevs Homemade Cakes, based in Rochester. Nurtured Foods charges sellers a 7.5% commission on each sale made.

Buyers can pick up their shopping from a local outlet, or have it delivered to their door.
Stratton said: “Our ambition is to be the one stop shop for artisan local food. We launched a couple of weeks ago and already have around 70 sellers from across the UK.

“While I still don’t get much time to spend in my kitchen, I do get to meet incredible artisans all over the UK, and hopefully manage to give them a few extra hours’ baking, making and raising their produce and wares.”