Gail’s Artisan Bakery has opened as a pop-up space in Wimbledon, before refurbishing to be a permanent site after the tournament.

To catch customers attending the Wimbledon tennis championships, the bakery has opened provisionally in the premises, and will refurbish the space in August to fit with the Gail’s brand.

Tom Molnar, co-founder of Gail’s said: “Famous not just for tennis, Wimbledon Village is a unique, and iconic area of London, and we’re thrilled to become a part of it. I think we’ve found the perfect site, and can’t wait to bring our bread to the neighbourhood.”

The menu, overseen by head baker Roy Levy, includes French Dark and San Francisco sourdoughs, croissants and pastries, cinnamon buns, sausage rolls and carrot cakes, as well as a selection of daily sandwiches and salads.

The bakery has opened on the high street in Wimbledon Village.

Gail’s opened the first bakery in Hampstead in 2005, and now has 21 stores in London.