Last year’s Great British Bake Off winner has created her second recipe for the California Prune Board.

Frances Quinn, 2013 star baker, created a Jammie Dodger-like biscuit, named the California Prune Pout Dodger.

The biscuits are designed to be made into lips or smiles, and California Prunes are encouraging bakers and recipe users to take part in a ‘prune-pout’ on social media. They claim this is because it is impossible to say ‘prune’ without striking a pout.

Quinn said: “Whether pouting or smiling these biscuits will leave you with something to both snack on and smile about. Because California prunes are naturally sweet, the prune purée filling contains no added sugar.

“This means that you can substitute sugar with prunes in baking or mix both together for a healthier recipe. Also, I was interested to discover that just three prunes count as one of your five a day.

“Any leftover California prune purée can be kept in the jar and is delicious stirred through porridge or spread over toast and used as a reduced sugar alternative to jam.”

The company hopes the recipe will encourage families to bake together.

Nine million viewers saw Quinn become the 2013 winner of the hugely successful GBBO programme last year.