Jaffa Cake fans can now look for packages with their very own name on them as McVitie’s responds to hundreds of requests for personalised packets.

The United Biscuits brand has given in to pleas from customers and now Jaffa Cake fans across the UK will be able to pick up a pack emblazoned with their own name.

More than 500,000 names, nicknames and greetings are available on the £2.49 product, though they are available exclusively from the McVitie’s Sweeet Shop [SIC], the brand new online store at www.mcvities.co.uk.

Some 2.9 million Jaffa Cakes are produced in the UK every day, which equates to 750m over a year.

McVitie’s move to personalise popular products follows that of Coca-Cola, which launched bottles with one of more than 1,000 names in the summer of 2013, and Kit Kat, which launched a number of ‘breaks’ such as ‘YouTube Break’ earlier this year.