Discounter Lidl has launched a social media campaign that it claims will put customers in control of product prices in the run-up to Christmas.

Launched yesterday, Lidl’s ‘Social Price Drop’ gives the public an opportunity to reduce the price of different festive products each week in the four weeks leading up to Christmas.

A new product will be announced every Monday and shoppers have two days to engage on Twitter until the final price is announced on Lidl UK’s social channels. The more engaged a product becomes on Twitter, the more the price reduces.

The reduced price will be offered in store until the following Saturday.

Lidl claimed the launch was a first for any supermarket in the UK.

“We’re incredibly excited about giving our customers the power on Twitter to lower the price of some of our finest festive products,” said Lidl UK communications head Georgina Hall.

“Christmas is a very expensive time of year for shoppers country and, as a retailer at the heart of Britain’s communities, our ambition is to put the control back into the hands of consumers, and save them even more in the run-up to Christmas.”

Earlier this month, Lidl UK announced a new bakery was among expansion plans for its Croydon store.