A report into food waste in Britain has found that Morrisons turned away more than 9,000 pasties after a delivery van turned up 15 minutes late.

The incident was revealed by the Feeding Britain report, which also claimed that 4.3m tonnes of surplus food was produced in the country each year.

Don Gardner, the manager of the Camborne, Pool and Redruth Food Bank, told the inquiry: “I had 9,864 Cornish pasties [offered to me] because the lorry was 17 minutes late to Morrisons. That shouldn’t happen.

“I was offered 30,000 spring greens the other day, because they were going to be ploughed back into the field. I couldn’t have them, because I didn’t have anywhere to put them.

“I was also offered 10 tonnes of tomatoes from Kent, because they were too big for Tesco.”

Morrisons has said it was “puzzled” by the claim. A spokesman for Morrisons said to the Daily Mail: “We are puzzled by this claim, because it’s our policy not to turn away fresh food from our depots.

“We’d very much like to look at this further but it’s difficult when the report has no record of the time or location of the delivery, nor details of the supplier.”

The report was published by Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Frank Field, a Labour MP, from an all-party parliamentary group.