Ingredients supplier Kröner-Stärke (KS) has developed a range of pre-gelatinised flours and starches for the bakery market, which it claims will give professional bread makers the edge on their competition.

The range has been developed in response to increased consumer demand for natural ingredients, and enhances the softness of bread and extends shelf-life without effecting taste or texture, according to the German company.

Henrik de Vries, commercial director of KS, said:“The range has been developed to respond to market-led demand for clean-label, organic and gluten-free products for bakery - a trend that has grown significantly.”

He added that the range will be of particular interest to in-store supermarket bakeries and artisan bakers, who stand to benefit from the additional shelf-life.

Pre-gelatinised flours are subjected to hydrothermal processing during drying and milling and produced from natural cereal grains, such as wheat, rye, spelt, oats, corn or rice.

The hydrothermal processing means the binding and swelling process in the starch grains happens at an early stage, so the flour simply requires the addition of cold fluids to produce a thickening effect. These water-binding properties mean bread will keep fresher for longer.

KS said the flours can also be used as a replacement for traditional emulsifiers and thickeners and allow the baker to clean up their ingredient labelling, as pre-gelatinised flours and starches only need to be labelled as flour or starch.

Pre-gelatinised flours can be used for bread, choux paste, yeast-raised doughs and fillings.