Sheldon’s Wholesale Bakers is to launch its first TV advertisement next month on ITV, after rebranding to boost sales.

The bakery, formally known as GH Sheldon, has created the advert to be aired in the north west as part of its new marketing campaign.

The new campaign and rebrand is part of the company’s efforts to raise the brand’s profile and drive consumer awareness about the bakery.

The advert features a man who goes to the fridge to find something to fill his Sheldon’s Lancashire Oven Bottom Muffin. After listing a range of fillings that are not in the empty fridge, he eats it plain and toasted, and realises it is just as satisfying. 

Alongside the TV advert, the brand has launched a new-look website, and plans to up its involvement on social media.

The bakery set its sights on a 27% sales increase over the course of this year, after relaunching the brand.

Director Lee Sheldon said: “After great feedback and growing brand identity we want to nurture and grow Sheldon’s to new heights. In order for our much-loved brand to grow, we have upped our marketing activity.

“A new website and social media platform plus numerous amounts of community involvement have been added. We are really excited to share that our first-ever advert will be aired on ITV. There are not many of us regional suppliers on the big screens and everyone at Sheldon’s is proud of the direction the business is going.”

The advert will first be aired on 1April on ITV in the north west, between 7:25pm and 7:30pm.

When the rebrand was announced, spokesperson said there were some “big growth plans” in place for the bakery.

Sheldon’s supplies a range of products to the big-4 supermarkets across the north west, as well as The Co-operative stores.

The bakery was set up in 1949 and is managed and run by second-generation baker Graham Sheldon.