Research has found an increased potential for on-the-go bakery snacks after many consumers now replace a three-meals-a-day routine with regular smaller eats. 

Puratos’ Taste Tomorrow study stated that customers appreciate “flexibility, mobility and speed” to fit in with their eating habits.

They predicted that, with consumers expecting to spend even more time at work and on the road, in the future, food will become more portable, come in single portions and will become easier to eat.

The study statistics showed 53% of Europeans believed convenient and portable food would be more important in the future.

Puratos pointed to the opportunity this offers to create bite-sized items in single portions and more convenient packaging.

Forty-two per cent of Europeans also believed that delivering fresh bread to work or home was an “interesting concept” - providing opportunity to expand into mobile selling concepts.

In Europe, research found that nearly one-quarter (24%) of people ate patisserie or chocolate on-the-go on a regular basis, but less than one in five ate bread or pastry in this way.

Check our infographic for a breakdown of the stats from Puratos.