Proper Cornish, a handmade Cornish Pasty company, has boosted its customer base by launching a student campaign called The Pasty Society. 

The campaign was launched after the company struck a deal with a leading foodservice provider, to supply a new range of handmade Cornish pasties, sausage rolls and savoury slices.

The pasty campaign encouraged university and college students to join The Pasty Society, and win a holiday to Cornwall worth over £1,500. It also toured universities, giving away free samples of hot pasties.

Thanks to the campaign, the Bodmin-based company has boosted social media engagement for the brand.

Mark Muncey, marketing director at Proper Cornish, said: “As a pasty company from Cornwall, heritage and quality ingredients are extremely important for us to communicate to our customers. With 87% of 18 to 24-year-olds wanting brands to entertain, inform and inspire them, we created an innovative, multi-faceted campaign to overcome the challenge of reaching the coveted college and university student demographic.

“The success of the competition and incremental uplift in social media traffic is testament to an effective initiative that we really feel has capitalised on communications with a core customer group.”

The brand is soon to unveil new plans for university engagement.