Warrens Bakery chairman has told British Baker that he has visions of opening 50 shops in London.

After revealing plans to expand and invest in the business last week, chairman of the bakery Mark Sullivan said he could see London as a “core target” for expansion outside the West Country.

He said that beyond 2015 would be the time to look at further expansion for the pasty shops, taking the brand further to the east and north of the country.

Sullivan said: “We will be taking artisan to the masses.

“The new brand lends itself exceptionally well to London. We may have 50 shops now, but frankly we could have 50 shops in London alone. I see London as a core target.”

He also told British Baker of the prospects for the company’s trade arm business, Simply Cornish, which is looking to expand further abroad.

He said the company, which currently supplies to other retailers and wholesalers, was currently in discussions about contracts in China and North America. He continued: “I see great opportunity in taking our long-life products to international markets. The brand is a different concept and is growing fast.

“We currently supply into Canada, and are about to supply China, as well as some parts of the EU - we are looking to increase contracts and put more energy into our international exports.”

The bakery currently has 480 employees, and is focusing on the rebranding of its 50 shops following £1.6m of funding through Santander’s Breakthrough Programme.

Warrens Bakery recently won the title of being the oldest pasty-maker in the UK.