A new cookie concept is to open a permanent shop in London, after pop-up stall successes. 

Bevs Dessert Cookies, created by Beverly Banahene in 2012, told British Baker of plans to move into premises in central London or a station-based location.

The plans come after the business has been trading from pop-up shops and hired spaces.

The shop hopes to offer an innovative ‘bake and serve’ format to sell the cookies. Customers can customise which dough and topping they want, before the product is baked and served fresh within about two-and-a-half minutes.

It will also operate a ‘grab and go’ option, as well as a ‘scoop and go’ in which customers can take away the cookie dough to bake fresh at home.

Banahene said: “We want it to be a really different, innovative space, which offers something extra to customers

“The pop-up shops were perfect for us, and are especially good for shops that are looking to open a permanent location. You can prove your concept, as well as gain interest and sales in the meantime.”

She said she had trialled the ‘bake and serve’ format of sales at a pop-up shop and had a great reception.

The company will offer gluten-free options, as well as the core cookie range and seasonal products.

Currently, Bevs Dessert Cookies operates from pop-up spaces or selling orders to customers and coffee shops.

It is set to launch a crowd funding campaign in August, which will add to funds raised from the preliminary business venture.

Banahene said the Red Velvet, Banoffee, and Cookies & Cream Cheesecake cookies were the best-sellers at the moment.

The business has a seasonal range which is changed every three months, and it plans to offer a wider range in the permanent bakery.