Comedian and TV star Russell Brand has opened his first cafe in Hackney, east London. 

The Trew Era Cafe opened on the east London council estate where Brand had previously campaigned with residents to save them from eviction. The cafe, opened yesterday, will be run by recovering drug addicts as a social enterprise funded by profits from the star’s latest book entitled Revolution.

It is named after Brand’s YouTube channel and will support the community rather than make money. It is said the cafe could be run entirely by recovering addicts.

So far the operation has been complimented on Twitter along with its Nutella cheesecake.

The opening itself was reportedly ‘hugely popular’ and its Twitter page @treweracafe has already garnered 1,088 followers despite having tweeted just 12 times and following just 26 other Twitter users.

In the build up to its launch the cafe tweeted: “People in abstinence based recovery and nutters and revolutionaries especially welcome.”

Brand himself was present at the launch around 11am.