The current Scotch Pie Champion 2015 Linda Hill of Murray’s Bakers has seen sales shoot up since winning the award. 

The Perth bakery scooped the gong in January and initially saw sales of its famous pie jump 20% to 30% before levelling off at 15% up on previously.

Even before the award, the bakery was selling around 6,000 Scotch pies a week at 80p each – easily the business’ best-seller. Hill said around 50% to 60% of the business is generated by its pies.

Most of the baking stops in the morning as the shop is replenished with products for the day, but Scotch pie-baking continues into the afternoon and, Linda said, they nearly always sell out by about 4.30pm.

“We are so famous for our pies,” she said. “People don’t associate us with bread.”

The fourth-generation baker has been in Perth for more than 100 years. It currently operates with five bakers, two bakery workers, who make the pie shells, and 10 staff on the shop floor.

While at capacity, Hill doubts there will be a second Murrays Bakers site. “The selling point is that the bakery is attached to the shop,” she said, and if there were a second site, products would need to be transported between bakery and shop.

Murrays Bakers scooped the Scotch Pie award from 567 entries by more than 100 bakers and butchers, assessed by 50 judges.