Malt loaf brand Soreen is considering applying for a royal warrant on the product, as it plans to expand into export markets.

Paul Tripp, managing director, has increased sales by 58% over the past three years, and has set a target of lifting them from £34.7m to £50m by 2017.

Tripp told The Telegraph that he would love to grow the brand overseas, and that the business was assessing the possibility of new markets. He also spoke of applying for the royal warrant as it considers itself to be an “iconic British brand.”

Tripp said: “We would love to get the Queen to give us a royal warrant of appointment. We have something unique here that is very difficult to replicate. It’s an iconic British brand.”

Tripp was responsible for the rebranding of Soreen in 2010, and has since extended its product range, which has boosted turnover for the business.

Soreen employs 160 staff in Manchester, baking 1.1m malt loaves each week and getting through 2,000 tonnes of fruit every year.

Last month, Soreen introduced a new product called Squidgy Cake in toffee and chocolate flavours.

It also launched a £3m television advertising campaign in October, its first in 10 years.