The Subway brand has announced new products for its menu, as it aims to drive more traffic into its stores in the first quarter of 2016. 

A sandwich making a comeback is the popular Big Beef & Chorizo Melt Sub as part of the £3 meal deal the brand offers, which also includes drink options. It will also be putting a huge focus on the premium Steak & Cheese Sub and Steak & Bacon Melt.

This drive is building on the brand’s very successful campaign ‘Stay Picky’, which commanded the media in 2015. The campaign will be continued in 2016 and will be supported with a 20-second television advert on screen from 6 January.

The advert will feature a hitchhiker who reluctantly accepts a lift from a man dressed up as a white rabbit. As they start their journey, a voiceover will explain that everyone can afford to ‘stay picky’ at Subway, with meal offers like the Big Beef & Chorizo Melt for just £3.

’Stay Picky’

Roger Cusa, head of marketing for the Subway brand in the UK and Ireland, commented on the brand’s aim through this advert and said: “2016 will build on the momentum of last year’s campaign and marks the second chapter of the Subway brand’s ‘Stay Picky’ campaign.

“Driving customers to embrace ‘staying picky’, this campaign reinforces that customers don’t have to compromise on quality, choice and taste when choosing their subs.”

Listen out for Subway’s radio advert on Newslink radio at 11am for the next two months too, reaching more potential customers to further increase traffic into stores.