Scottish confectionery company Tunnock’s has predicted an increase in sales of its teacakes, after the treat was aired on BBC One on Wednesday as dancers performed in giant teacake costumes.

The costumes were such a hit, that the company reported an influx of calls enquiring about whether the big tea cakes were available to buy.

Fergus Loudon, sales manager of Tunnock’s told British Baker: “I think I would be naïve to think that the show will have no impact on sales. Over 1 billion people were watching the ceremony worldwide, so there has to be some sort of uptake.”

When asked about how the company was preparing for the possible sales hike, Loudon was confident it would deal with it as it came.

He said:“It’s been crazy; we have been humbled by the reaction from the customers and everyone in general.

“We’re on to the PR company to see if we can get hold of some of the giant tea cake costumes, so we can use them ourselves for marketing.”

Loudon also told British Baker of its current worldwide sales trend. Citing Saudi Arabia as one of its biggest markets where it has become an established brand.

Its presence in Australia and America, where the company is newer to the market, is also going well and the Scottish treats are now stocked in mainstream supermarkets instead of just expatriate shops.

Other brands to appear as part of the opening ceremony included drinks maker Irn-Bru.