United Biscuits (UB), a leading international manufacturer of biscuits and cakes, has invested £1.3m in an advertising campaign for McVitie’s BN biscuit range.

In the latest instalment in the brand’s ‘Sweeet’ masterbrand strategy, the BN campaign will feature a baby owl, following similar successful campaigns earlier this year, such as a tarsier (small monkey) for Jaffa Cakes, puppies for Digestives and kittens for Chocolate Digestives. The animals and strapline aim to evoke similar feelings in people when eating a McVitie’s biscuit.

The 30-second advert uses the well-known ‘Mnah Mnah’ tune and shows a baby owl popping out of a packet before crunching into one of the crispy sandwich biscuits. It will run from 7 July and is supported by in-store marketing, PR including a blogger-led campaign, and online marketing with social media.

All adverts are created by Grey London and are part of UB’s masterbrand strategy, which was unveiled in February. It groups most of the company’s sweet products under the McVitie’s masterbrand and most of the company’s savoury products, including Jacob’s Cream Crackers and Mini Cheddars, under the Jacob’s masterbrand, with a ‘Snack Happy’ strapline. The masterbrand strategy is designed to make UB’s marketing more effective and simplify the shopping experience for consumers.

“These catchy ads will re-launch the famous BN brand, which we think has great potential here in the UK,” said Martin Glenn, UB chief executive. “The cheeky wink, the delicious taste and crunchy texture make for a really enjoyable biscuit occasion with a sense of fun.

“Our masterbrand strategy taps into consumers’ love for our iconic brands by highlighting the importance of the biscuit in everyday life and their emotional appeal. They make a time-out in your day just that little bit more enjoyable.”