This is a call to arms. Bakers we need you to defend bread.

At British Baker, we know that bread is often tarnished with the reputation of being unhealthy. That is why we today we launch our new campaign - #WeLoveBread.

What is more, Mintel has predicted bread volumes will be down by 1.4% in 2014.

The final kick in the teeth was the admission by Prime Minister David Cameron that he is giving up bread in a bid to lose weight

As nutritionists have told us, bread as a carbohydrate is key in having a balanced diet, despite the media-fuelled stories which link it to a bad diet.

The #WeLoveBread campaign will follow Mr Cameron, and will lobby for a response from him regarding his current thoughts on eating bread.

How can you help

We want to know what loaves are on offer in your bakery this week?

Are you bringing out any exciting loaves?

With the hashtag #LoveBreadFridays, we want you to tweet us on a Friday about anything exciting you are doing with bread. It could be a new product, a new sandwich, your valued customer with their favourite roll- anything that screams #WeLoveBread.

As well as getting you involved on social media, British Baker will be organising some exciting stunts to raise the profile of the campaign. Keep checking the magazine and our website to watch the campaign unfold.