Wrexham’s Village Bakery has launched an internal investigation, after a video was released online filming one of its vans allegedly speeding.

The footage shows a Village Bakery van driving on the A550 in Flintshire, where it appears to be travelling at 75mph in a 40mph zone.

The bakery quickly took action and announced on social media: “We have launched a full investigation into this incident, as we take the actions and behaviours of our drivers very seriously.”

The bakery also said that it was unclear when the video was filmed. 

Village Bakery managing director Robin Jones said: “We are investigating it and, at this moment in time, that is all we can do about it. We will be stressing to all our drivers the importance of driving safely and within the speed limit."

The video was published on local news site, Wrexham.com, which said it was told the film was taken on the way from Hope, where the limit goes from 60mph, down to 40mph and then 30mph. It was also told that the video was provided to the person who uploaded it to Twitter, and was apparently filmed from the back seat.

Earlier this month the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall officially opened a new £4m Baking Academy and Innovation Centre built by the Village Bakery.

The family firm celebrated its 80th anniversary last year and now employs around 400 people. It was named Wales’ fastest-growing company in 2013 and the fastest-growing manufacturer last year.

The video uploaded by Wrexham.com can be seen here: