The Dispotool Roadshow recently came to the UK, giving industry leaders a chance to see the logistical software in action.

Made by German software company Toolbox Software, Dispotool allows bakeries to cut costs and use their packing space more efficiently by digitising orders. Data is fed via screens directly to packing stations, telling the pickers how many of each product is required for any given order.

Working its way across Europe, the Dispotool Roadshow has allowed industry figures to see the software in action at bakeries currently using the technology. For the UK leg on 24 May, guests from the baking industry were treated to a tour of The Bread Factory in London, to see how it makes use of Dispotool to pack its orders.

Niklaas Wolters, key account manager at Toolbox Software, highlighted the way the software allows pickers to work more efficiently by removing the need for them to carry paper orders: “A very important factor is you are able to use both hands,” he said.

He added that Toolbox specialises in providing customisable software solutions for the baking industry: “We could obviously focus on problems in other industries, but we’ve decided to focus on bakeries.”

Last autumn Toolbox entered into a partnership with York-based RedBlack software.