A new Mecatherm FTA tunnel oven has been made available to British plant bakers and food manufacturers.

The FTA, which featured at the IBIE show in Las Vegas last month, will be available through Epsom-based company European Process Plant (EPP), which has supplied tunnel ovens for more than 40 years.

 “The key to the FTA’s flexibility is that bakers can choose between convection and radiant heat in both the top and bottom of the oven,” said Steve Merritt, EPP managing director.

“There are six possible baking combinations from one single piece of equipment. And this level of control means that, because you can bake in all types of trays and tins and, in addition, directly on the hearth, it is suitable for virtually every type of bakery product from crusty and soft breads and rolls, sweet and savoury pastries, to pizzas and even crème caramel.”

Mecatherm data has shown the FTA uses 15% less energy for the same amount of output when compared with a traditional cyclothermic tunnel oven. Gas and electricity, compressed air, steam and baking discharges can be controlled over defined periods.