The new BX Eco-Wash Convection Oven range from Swansea-based Mono Equipment is the result of consultation with bakeries and major food-to-go outlets, according to the bakery and foodservice equipment manufacturer.

Mono said the process has resulted in “a completely new range of convection ovens which cut through the convection oven vs combi oven question by incorporating a high-end, totally integrated Self Wash system to provide a highly effective solution for baking, roasting and cooking a variety of foods without the fear of cross-contamination of odours or flavours”.

In a statement, the company outlined seven key benefits of the BX Eco-Wash System:

-         Five powerful, integrated wash programmes to suit every need; from a quick hot flush to an intensive power wash

-         The ability to switch between different product categories quickly and safely (eg meat-to-sweet)

-         Removes the risk of exposing staff to potentially harmful chemicals, as Mono’s Power Max Plus cartridge is sealed and only released when the oven reaches the right temperature

-         Staff can be employed on other tasks while the Self Wash system is in operation

-         Removes the need for expensive, professional deep-cleaning

-         Prevents cross-contamination of different food groups

-         Reduces the risk of fires by preventing the build-up of grease and food deposits.

The new Power Max Plus Cartridge is the very latest generation of oven cleaning detergents, specially selected to work with Mono’s BX Eco-Wash convection ovens. Each cartridge contains two wash seals which melt at different temperatures, to firstly release the powerful detergent and later the rinse agent, guaranteeing that even the most baked-on grime and grease is penetrated and removed, said the company. The double-wax seal also ensures the highly powerful chemicals are safely contained within the cartridge and never exposed to the user at any time.

The BX Eco-Wash also boasts a new inverter drive, providing the user with complete control of the oven’s fan speed for each stage of the bake profile.

In June Mono launched a new convection oven.