Food label designer and printer Planglow has launched an entirely web-based label application, Labellogic Live.

As it is web-based, Labellogic Live doesn’t require third-party installation and is accessible immediately from any device with internet connectivity. Developed to meet the needs of modern foodservice operators, it provides a flexible, intuitive label printing application, which is able to continually update itself.

Rachael Sawtell, marketing director at Planglow, said: “LabelLogic Live is the culmination of more than three years’ work.

“We established quite early on everything that we wanted LabelLogic Live to achieve. However, the technology simply didn’t exist to support this. With the technology now available, we have been able to create a product that exceeds both ours and customers’ expectations.”

Users can create bespoke labels from stock designs, with simple-to-use design functions that allow them (and not a technical support advisor) to add logos and images, and change fonts and layouts. Multi-site operators can introduce password protected designs and data to ensure consistent, head office approved labelling across all sites. A choice of templates is available, as well as a full nutritional recipe-builder, but users can also create their own templates.

LabelLogic Live is offered on a subscription basis, with one-, three- and six-year subscription packages available.