The cake business of James Middleton, brother of Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge, has made a loss for its third consecutive year.

His firm the Nice Group recorded losses of £23,353 on Companies House, and accounts revealed that members of the family had secured the companies overdraft.

The company has a cake business, a cake decorating business and now a new marshmallow business called Boomf, which involves selling marshmallows with personalised pictures printed on them.

Mr Middleton said: “this year will be the deciding year for the Nice Group, my focus over the last year has been with Boomf as it has really taken off, we managed to secure £1m in funding and [are] up 320% from last Christmas.” He also said that he was not concerned about the losses made, citing that it was not uncommon for new start-up companies to make a loss in early stages.

The cake business sells personalised cakes and cupcakes, with logos and pictures on them.

The Nice Group was set up in 2007, and Middleton dropped out of the University of Edinburgh to set the business up.