Tartisan, the recently opened bakery in Nottingham, has revealed plans to grow nationally and abroad in the next five years.

Run by Dave Howden and Jess Morteln, Tartisan has been trading for around three months online. It has also just launched an app.

Howden said the online business was on track to achieve 150,000 unit sales in a year and he expected the store to achieve the same. He said: “We look at [the store] as a normal high street bakery, whereas online we do think we can take massive exponential growth if we can get the public behind us. Distribution is global.

“In the month leading up to when we linked the app last week we had shipped to Chile, North America, Thailand and Hong Kong. The reason we decided to put a foundation bakery in place was to give us credibility on the high street.”


Howden has set his sights on major online growth. He said: “The vision for the next three to five years is to maintain a footprint in Nottingham and the local East Midlands area. We want to grow only locally to maintain control and quality, but we want to grow online far more. We have the technology in place, the distribution in place and now we want to scale the online business to be multi-lingual. We want to target Europe, which will be serviced from the East Midlands.”

The business supplies breads (50%), butters (20%) and tartes (30%), with 20% of business coming from wholesale avenues and the rest evenly split between online and the store.