The humble cheese sandwich has taken a hit in the popularity stakes, according to cheese brand Anchor Cheddar.

From 6 February, Anchor Cheddar will tour more than 100 locations in the UK to campaign for support for the cheese sandwich.

This comes after a survey conducted by the firm, found that 55% of people had not eaten a cheese sandwich in the past week.

It also found that the north was more likely to fill their bread with cheese, with 50% eating one within the last week, compared to 35% of Londoners.

The brand will be driving a giant sandwich-lookalike bus as part of the #getonboard campaign to boost cheese sandwich popularity.

“The Cheese Sandwich Needs You” tour kicks off in Plymouth, before heading to over 100 different locations, including city centres and supermarkets.

Anchor’s team on board will give away cheddar sandwiches to members of the public, whilst waving flags and using loud speakers to drum up support for the campaign.

Louise Thornton from Anchor Cheddar said: “It’s a real shame that the cheese sandwich is in decline. It’s a deliciously simple pleasure that’s easy to make, cheap to create and so a perfect treat. We can’t wait to remind the nation what they are missing out on during our tour of the UK.”