There has been a social media backlash after Sainsbury’s removed Taste the Difference options from its £3 meal deal. The range has been renamed On The Go, and still includes a drink, sandwich and snack.

Sainsbury’s said the sandwiches in the new deal “are now better quality and better value”, but customers have been taking to Twitter and Facebook to voice their disapproval.

A statement posted by Sainsbury’s on Twitter said: “Hi, we’ve revamped our On The Go meal deal and invested significantly in the quality, range and price of lines now outside of the meal deal.”

The supermarket told the BBC: “We have invested millions of pounds in improving the quality and value of our sandwich range. Customers can still enjoy our great value £3 meal deal and the sandwiches in the deal are now better quality and better value.

“Where sandwiches are no longer in the meal deal, we have improved the quality and maintained or reduced the price. Our new On the Go range also includes a much wider ranges of sandwiches, salads and sushi than it did before.

“We think that, once customers try the new range, they will like it.”

Following the move, a user on online forum Reddit claimed the change was down to a change of sandwich supplier. steveinmk said: “Sainsbury’s changed their sandwich supplier on Friday just gone, walking away from the company that has supplied them for the last 18 years to save money by using a bigger supplier.

“Trouble is, they were a massive customer to the old supplier and were spoilt rotten. If Sainsbury’s wanted it, Sainsbury’s got it. Those days have gone now they have joined the same company that supplies the likes of Tesco and Asda.”

But the user, who claims to work for the supplier in question, also said: “For you Boots sandwich- loving people, the good news is that Boots have gone the other way. So prepare for the range and quality of Boots’ sandwiches to increase, and the Sainsbury’s ones to go downhill. All for cost-cutting reasons.”