Family-run Bath Bakery has launched a new range of gluten-free goods to meet customer demands.

It has set up a separate production facility in Farrington Gurney, focused solely on producing gluten-free bread, cakes and wraps.

The business, which runs 12 bakery outlets around Bath, responded to increased requests for gluten-free products and created the range sold under the name of Batch#5.

The range includes 16 different products, including bread loafs, bread rolls, pizza bases and sweet bakes.

Mark Slevin, managing director, said: “Our mission now is to prove that beautiful, hand-crafted food can be gluten-free and still delicious.

“As the number of people diagnosed with coeliac and wheat-intolerance rises, so too does demand for food without these contained within them, meaning there is a growing market to be met.

“Helped no doubt by programmes like The Great British Bake Off, people are increasingly choosing the artisan option, and our business is rapidly expanding to meet that particular demand.”

The business has two production units, one near Lower Bristol Road in Bath and the gluten-free-only site in Farringtons Farm, together with six delivery vans.