Cooked breakfast, toast and pastries top British consumers’ favourite out-of-home breakfasts, according to a study.

Research commissioned by Ferrero, the Italian confectionery company, found 29% of people liked their breakfasts out to be cooked, followed by 21% of people who liked toast, 13% who wanted cold cereal and 10% who wanted pastries.

In terms of choices available, 18- to 30-year-olds were least satisfied by the range of options, and one-third of all people liked to see brands, such as Nutella, present on menu choices.

Natasha Quinn, foodservice channel operations manager at Ferrero, commented: “The nation has spoken and there is a real opportunity for caterers. The traditional cooked breakfast will always have its place on menus, but with a new generation of diners eating out regularly, operators need to wake up to the growing demand for variety and value on menus.

“We can see this with the rise of American-inspired dishes such as pancakes becoming a core dish on menus, and the research revealing a third of consumers would eat out if known brands were on offer – which grew to 58% among women!”

The company owns brands such as Nutella, tic tac, Kinder and Ferrero Rocher.