Italian café company Ca’puccino is planning to open its sixth UK outlet in November this year, with a seventh planned for early 2015, according to its COO.

Speaking to British Baker, Sofia Dimen, who could not confirm a precise location, said expansion within London is part of a “big push” by the company to increase outlet numbers in Italy and the UK.

The expansion is supported by a £5m investment by private equity initiative B4 Investimenti, for a 24% stake in Ca’puccino’s parent company, Migeca. Finalised last July, the aim of the investment, according to Ca’puccino, is to provide the company with the financial resources and support it requires to expand further into the UK.

“We want to give the London consumer, who is so savvy, a really authentic taste of Italy,” Dimen said. “Our USP is that we use authentic Italian eggs, butter, flour, and we maintain this USP all the way through the business.”

Founded in 2006, Dimen said that total UK expansion could be limited to between 12 to 15 sites. She added, however, that Ca’puccino would not discount opening inside some of London’s larger train stations, in similar vein to bakery and café chain Patisserie Valerie, if the right site became available.

“We wouldn’t say no if Kings Cross St Pancras offered us a site. We are often in conversation and have looked at some sites, but it has to be right. We have to maintain the brand as well. Our first site in Harrods set the benchmark, and we have to make sure we make the right property decisions.”