The Cinnamon Square bakery in Rickmansworth, has told British Baker of its ambitions to get its trademark Cinnamon Bun further afield.

By working with business mentor Jane Milton, the bakery said it had a number of plans in the pipeline, and one of them was working out how to manufacture and distribute its Cinnamon Bun so the products could reach people outside Rickmansworth.

Paul Barker, owner of Cinnamon Square, said: “We do extremely well with our Cinnamon Buns and need to get them further afield.

“We are looking at catering companies, coffee shops, farm shops and a range of different destinations that could start supplying the product.”

He said that the product ran at around 10-15% of the bakery’s turnover and, on weekends, this could rise to 20%.

He continued: “We are a small business which wants to get into other markets, so we need other people with other expertise to help us do that.”

The buns are available in a variety of flavours and formats, such as the Ricky Sticky Bun and a Cinnamon Square Tower. 

These ambitions come as the baker revealed there were also plans to launch a new brand in the year ahead.

Cinnamon Square won the 2014 Innovation Award at British Baker’s Baking Industry Awards, for its product ‘The Orange’.